This organisation works for the betterment of children from less privileged backgrounds by providing them with a well-rounded education that enables them to be at par with other middle and upper-class children. Currently, Building Blocks has 10 learning centers in different parts of India, educating  821 children, and is in the process of opening more. All of our centers follow a structured program to educate children from the slums. Since these centers are strategically located near slum neighborhood, it makes it very easy for the mothers to walk their children to the learning center each morning.


Building Blocks: James Ambat, Founder

“A tiny seed can grow into a mighty oak when connected to the right elements of nature! An insignificant tiny baby of today in our neighbourhood may surprise us by turning out to be the greatest inventor of tomorrow when touched by the right teachers, so educate to empower!!!” James Suresh Ambat

Founder, Building Blocks India

 My friends and I have seen over the past year, the commitment and hard work put in by you and your team to help and enable young children living in the slums, to start their childhood with good quality education.

You have 5 schools and over 150 children- I am confident that with more financial help, you will be able to achieve your vision of 30 schools/1000 children in a short span of time.

Vivek Kumar

CEO, Trident Hyundai

Highly impressed with activities in the school. Great work being done for development & education of slum children. The kids in the have learned lots of skills after being in this school for only a short time. Impressed with the management of the school and moral training methods for teachers etc. Good luck!

  M.J. Phillip

A team of 15 visited Daisy school from Tesco HSC. It was a special day to have started off with so much fun and learning for us.

Thank you so much Building Blocks for giving us this wonderful opportunity. None of us wanted to go back to the office. Kids there are very active and curious to learn so much more…

Hoping to visit and to have more such interactive sessions with the kids in future…

Tesco HSC Extras team

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